Service Projects Report


The Service projects committee takes care of all avenues of service save for club service. The areas are: New Generations, Vocational Service, International service and Community Service.

The Projects

Ongoing Projects

Community Service / Vocational Service

We have 6 projects running at this point in time. These are:

  1. The Nanyuki Project (Ol Pejeta Conservancy) – Areas of Focus (Maternal and Child Health, Disease Prevention and Treatment, and Water and Sanitation). One phase involves helping the community harvest water so that they can access clean water for their use, and the other involves refurbishment of clinics within the area, which will be improved and equipped to be more responsive to community needs. To this end we have assisted in getting them tanks and also establishing gutters to help harvest the same. We have already established 3 Rotary Community Corps to further rotary affairs in this region. These are Ol Pejeta Conservancy Irura ‘A’, Irura ‘B’, and Maji Masafi. The clinics include Withare and Lamuria, whose refurbishment and equipping is complete.

  2. Munaini Library Project – Area of focus (Basic Education and Literacy). This is a project that aims to construct and equip a library at the said school, located in Nyeri, Central Kenya. The drawings have been done and the next phase is fund raising, as well as identifying international partners who will assist in applying for a global grant. We did receive some books from UK through the club and Books to Africa UK, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Wakefield, which have been allocated, and should be among the first to equip the library when completed.

  3. ICT Lab / Book / Mattress project, Kabiro Community School, Kawangware – Area of focus (Basic Education and Literacy). Some of the books that came from UK were also allocated to the school, and they have since established a library for the community. We are yet to do the mattresses for the ECD class as promised, but this will be done in conjunction with our Club Trust. Some Rotarians have also pledged assistance towards this. Some of the mattresses are also earmarked for a mental health institution in Kiambu. Worthy of note is that the ICT lab was designed by our Architecture students from UoN.

  4. East Kenya Sand Dams Project 5– Area of Focus (Water and Sanitation). We are working to secure about USD 99,000 for this project, having finalized reporting for the earlier grants. We plan to have our members visit some of the dams and see for themselves the life changing impact they are having on the communities in the areas where they have matured. The just conclude phase involved inspection by members of our Rotaract club, UoN. This is in partnership with District 1020, Excellent Development UK, and African Sand Dam Foundation, ASDF, an NGO in Kenya to do sand dams in East Kenya. The ASDF team shall be visiting the club at a date to be communicated soon. We have included a small phase to positively impact residents of Ikombe village, whose dam needs repair.

  5. Boreholes for Sigowet, Migori and Nyadorera (Water and Sanitation). Project just approved, to start at any moment.

  6. Scholarships at Jane Adeny Memorial School (Basic Education and Literacy). At Year 1 phase.

  7. Palmhouse Foundation, Mentorship Programme – Area of Focus (Basic Education and Literacy). We also support mentorship of selected students every term under this programme. Rotarians use their vocations to give advice and wise counsel to the students as their contribution to this initiative. The programme is not funded in any way by the club at the moment, but by the generosity of participating Rotarians.

  8. Kimuuni Primary School, Toilet and Classroom blocks project – Area of focus (Basic Education and Literacy, Water and Sanitation). Through Rtn. Dr. Musili, we are working to see how best to assist the school to get decent toilet facilities, and two additional classrooms, equipped with desks and some books. The ECD unit has been started but is yet to be completed.


Completed Project

  1. Lower Kihara Toilet Project – Area of Focus (Water and Sanitation). This involved establishing decent toilets for the children and teachers of the school, as well as hand washing facilities. The teachers further benefitted from Rotarian generosity as the staff room was revamped and pigeon holes constructed to ease storage in the room. Kamuiru Primary School, Gachie also benefitted from the initiative as their toilets were also refurbished and are now in a good state of repair. The project has since been finalized, reports sent to RI, surplus funds of USD 507 returned to RI, and closure for the same is being pursued, to enable closure of its accounts. We also launched our book project at Lower Kihara School.

Prospective Projects

  1. Water project in Naivasha – Area of focus (Water and Sanitation). Proposed by Rtn. Elizabeth Kimani. Under consideration

  2. Library project in Kital Primary School, Kendu Bay – Area of focus (Basic Education and Literacy). Proposed by Rtn. Evans Obuya. Under consideration.

  3. Homabay Orphans’ project

  4. Small projects initiative. Available to all members.


New generations

We continue to assisting our two Rotaract clubs at the University of Nairobi (Main campus) and Nairobi North, with their activities as much as practically possible. Nairobi North is on a bit of a lull, but efforts are in place to resuscitate it. Currently we lend support to the weekly initiative involving the children in Ward 3C (Cancer Ward) and sometimes to purchase gifts for the children. We are encouraging them to partner with us so that they can undertake bigger projects and secure RI funding. We are now involving them in our projects as part of mentorship, in readiness to transition to Rotary when they are done with University. Whenever possible we also join them in their activities on campus or at project sites as well as assist with activities such job shadowing, availing speakers etc.

We are also working to reactivate our Interact Club of Starehe Boys Centre, in conjunction with RC Milimani, and shall help with mentorship and other programmes going forward. We are working on Interact club of Buruburu Girls High School under the leadership of Rtn. Jane Kinuthia. We shall charter the club shortly.

International Service

We hope to continue welcoming Rotarians from clubs overseas as well as attend meetings when our members are out of the country. We also hope to send a good number of Rotarians to the DCA in Naivasha, and Rotary convention in Toronto, Canada.

The Rotary Foundation

Under this portfolio, we continue to encourage members to participate on several fronts:

  1. Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY)

  2. PHF recognitions

  3. Direct contributions towards project undertaken by the club and/or those close to their hearts.

This year we shall target to raise USD 10,000 for PHF recognitions, and several members have pledged to pay money towards EREY. We continue to urge our members to participate in giving, and have even held trainings to help them understand how their giving influences the activities of the District and Rotary as a whole.

To streamline the contribution and recognition process, we continue to encourage the membership to go on to MY ROTARY so that recognitions are instant, and stress-free. We shall continue to emphasize this. We laud the RI team for responding promptly with the necessary regalia for contributing Rotarians.

We have also been encouraging our rotaractors to try and pursue Ambassadorial Scholarships that are available every year.

Club Training Report

Our Club is doing well on this front. Training kits have been developed to focus on areas that the members have identified and also on areas covered by the theme months of rotary. Lots of material is also being shared online, and members are encouraged to spare time and at least scan through them with a view to getting some information on the goings-on in the rotary world. Attached are some kits, just to illustrate.

Club Administration – 19th July 2017

Our club is in good standing at the moment. We have received the following:

  1. Invoice for our Country Dues

  2. Invoice for our RI Dues

  3. Invoice for Sunshine Rally dues


We intend to submit our monthly attendance reports on time every month, with attendance averages projected to be quite impressive. This shall be handled by Rtn. Elizabeth Alich, our Secretary.

The President will attend the Presidents meeting whenever they are called.

The Club is now awaiting the presentation of accounts for audit, and at the club assembly so that the Club is qualified under the New Grant Model. We should then take full advantage and take on the bigger bolder and better projects as and when we can.

Club dues invoices have been prepared and shall be sent to members. Rtn. Sarah Keino is handling this.

Our new venue, Red Ruby Hotel, along Ojijo road, has seen improved attendance amongst members. Meeting times have also been revised to 1830 hrs from 1900 hrs as was the case earlier.